10 Dangerous Vacation Spots ,You Will To Know

When you plan to vacation somewhere, because you sure you want to ask, instead of recalling the happy chance this holiday suitable, no one wants a concern or want to vacation where hazardous. Here are 19 places you will want to make sure you plan carefully before you visit (or completely avoid):or don’t have any plan relax at .

1. Acapulco
Best-Beaches-in-Acapulco Mixico -01(lastgreatplaces.net)

Mexico,a country in southwestern North America, with extensive coastlines on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, bordered by the US on the north; population 111,211,800 (est. 2009); capital, Mexico City; language, Spanish (official). Some where places in Mexico has increased violence fueled cause the drug trade. The drug cartels make Acapulco one of the world’s most dangerous cities. If you have plan to visit this country (Mexico ) You should carefully careful for your own safety, and friends lining up with . Especially in Acapulco, The drug cartels make Acapulco one of the world’s most dangerous cities.More reading


Afghanistan, we general are heard by news others was shown us for this Country ( Afghanistan) about Other attacks, such as bombings in public places, embassies, Guest Houses and Hotels .etc.This is also a reason to be cautious when making project to visit Afghanistan.
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#3 Antarctica
As you know that, Antarctica where place is intense cold temperatures, At there you won’t be able to see everything .We can see only white out, while seeing Antarctica.So, if you have a project to visit Antarctica. You should prepare to withstand cold weather and there, a thick shirt, etc. More reading :adventuresmithexplorations.com

#4 Brazil
brazil-04Image source  (playbuzz.com)
In Brazil, you should carefully cautious about the safety that will happen to you at any time there.Because at there, you could end up with a knife on your throat and be forced to surrender your valuables in order to keep your life.Take guides must carefully plan to relax and visit there.


Detroit cityscape

Detroit cityscape

Source Image(michigan.org)

in Detroit, where violent crimes, Not counting at the boiling point crimes, the FBI statistics disclose 45 on the wrong track of individually 100,000 people.

#6 Egypt
In Egypt, as their target terrorists to attack, especially for tourists can be targeted in the resort or other locations frequented by tourists, I think Egypt is a beautiful place most tourists plan to travel to,But also carefully.discovermagazine.com

#7 Guatemala
There are random muggings and sometimes tourists get mugged while hiking, even the guides have a problem such as this.

hawaii-012Image /laracasey.com

For those who play in the Hawaiian beaches generally they always had problems with waves that cause problems with died while surfing, body boarding, diving, or snorkeling. supported spinal cord injuries.

Exterior_Fuerte_de_Omoa_Honduras -00Image
As a corn fed, Honduras is by fully the world’s virtually dangerous — 82 unsound of individually 100,000 group are killed by the year by the fury of the abused substance gangs.

#10 India
indiaImage source
India is ranked 1 out of 10 of the most dangerous countries to visit for a female tourists. Some of the sexual attacks are directed specifically to tourists.


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