10 amazing photos of birds in Ethiopia

Do you know that ? Ethiopia has amazing opportunities for bird photography. If you looking at images of these birds , you really think in your mind that, it’s a place for anyone or who love captured photography at their, however, for me after viewed the photos of birds in Ethiopia , I want make a plan going be to visit .
Yes no two ways about it, mean traveling in Ethiopia wasn’t as comic drama as in contrasting places obligation to the at wits end food, periodic subpar assistance, and the full number of group who imitate you completely while birding, I would absolutely go back. The birding is agile and fictional, chiefly because pursuit of game animal of birds is absolutely rare. Unlike many down to last cent countries, you do not manage people going during with slingshots shooting group that move .Okay , I hope that you also love birds like me , And now i will show some photos of birds , That was capturing from Ethiopia , here 15 photos of birds, you may view below :
01-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

Both birds seem to have freedom in their lives seem to have nothing to worry about​!

Hottentot Teal
Anas hottentota


03-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of birdLooking at the vast field is a place to live in safety pressure​​!​Blue-winged Goose
Cyanochen cyanoptera


05-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of birdWe also need to live life like everyone​!
Scopus umbretta


08-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

We also need to live in freedomn !

Wattled Crane
Bugeranus carunculatus


09-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird


Plants and natural habitat is in safety for our lives

White-cheeked Turaco
Tauraco leucotis


12-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

Grayish Eagle-Owl
Bubo cinerascens


013-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

Woodland Kingfisher
Halcyon senegalensis


012-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill
Bucorvus abyssinicus


023-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

Nubian Woodpecker
Campethera nubica


025-Hottentot-Teal-ethiopia -photo of bird

Beautiful Sunbird
Cinnyris pulchellus



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