Original and Retouched Photos with Photoshop

In the twenty-first century, beauty plays a very crucial role for all people especially among the celebrities. And, as the technology is advancing, they can easily change the ways they look by exploiting the technology. Now I am going to show top 5 celeries who have their beauty changed using Photoshop and you will see the comparison of the original and the retouched photos.



Look at the photo of Rhiana. The photos show you the original and the one using Photoshop to retouched and of course you can see a lot of changes with her body and face. She was slimmed and bronzed and given a lot more to love in the chest department. She looks like a new person when she got her a makeover when it came to using Photoshop. With new technology and new skill, beauty can be changed easily with computer software. But be sure that all the stars you see in the magazine do not always look the same to the real person.

Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunstwww.buzzfeed.com

We can a big difference between the first beach picture and the second. You can easily recognize that there was some severe smoothing and line reduction in the process. Even though, this is not surprising. Kirsten Dunst reveal her her real body in the second, which makes us to believe that the designer of the magazine on the left did a little change of their own and put it on the cover. Look at the photograph and the real woman. It is just slightly different as she is already beautiful. You will soon fall in love with her even though she looks a bit different from the Photo in the magazine.

Penelope Cruz


The skin flaws smoothing over the skin is one of the most important things that they do when it comes to the design with Photoshop specifically in magazines. The message behind the photo is that they want you to think that the celebrities have no flaw at all and this is the way in which to put them out there. As you can see here Penelope Cruz in her before and after and you still be able to spot the differences easily and you still can see the lines where it was smoothed on the other one.

Britney Spears
Britney Spearswww.chilloutpoint.com

Britney Spears is the world famous celebrities who is famed for her talent and beauty especially her sexy style. She said, “I would want my face Photoshopped if they were going to be handing out pictures of my face like this.” Maybe she is having problem with her skin at the particular time and this is the reason why she wants her skin slightly smoothed and we don’t mind you Britney Spears. As we are human, we are not perfect the way we look. We still love and support you and understand that sometimes the world also needs a little help when it comes to improving our beauty and appearance.

Celebe02 www.buzzfeed.com

This cute little lady was captured when she was sunbathing on her porch but surprisingly the way she looks in the magazine and the photo taken at the beach are completely different. And you may ask, what make her look so beautiful on the magazine cover and the answer is very simple. The designer smoothed her skin and corrected her flaw using PC software like Photoshop. Any she still look beautiful but just not as beautiful as the one with Photoshop. Here are the photos of before and after. Can you spot the different?

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