A woman who becomes a man legally

Earlier this week, there was an emergence of a 26-year-old Tara Hudson, who has lived all her adult life as a girl and she had six years of sex reconstruction operation and it was sentenced to serve her time in the male HMP Bristol due to the fact that her passport reads that she is legally a man. There are over 140,000 people signed a petition calling her to be released from the prison, which only presently was described by a prison watchdog as being ‘violent’. What is your point of view toward this woman? Please let us know how you think and feel by leaving our comments in the box below.
More info : PinkNews / BBC (metro.co.uk )


Collect of Tara Hudson who has been sent to an all MALE prison sparking fears for her safety.See SWNS story SWSWAP; Sex swap women appeals against jail sentence in an all-male prison. Striking Tara Hudson went through six years of gender reconstruction surgery and has lived all her adult life as a woman. But magistrates sent the 26 year-old to tough HMP Bristol last Friday (Oct 23) after she admitted a bar assault because her passport says she is legally still a man. Her distraught mother Jackie Brooklyn wrote to the prison governor in a bid to overturn the decision. She said Tara, a make-up artist with 34EE boobs, was having a tough time in the jail which contains around 600 male prisoners.
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