8 Celebs Who Should Thank Their Dentists

1-By his smile , Nicolas Cage really glad for his teeth , he would to thank to his dentist .Because , he did do many thing for his acting , like even ripping of couple of teeth, for one of his movies at one of his movie . This point , just entire set also now, she how fresh for his smile does look and , can never guess what did happen at him. More info: thelisticles


#2 Amy Childs,she is businesswoman to fashion designer to being a woman with sexy smile , cause she was so happy with her beautiful teeth she also pleasure to thank her dentist for, That was fixing her teeth and adding more glad to help her in getting a captivating smile, from everyone.

#3-Beside that,Tulisa, British songwriter and also singer, she alway unhappy for the camera , especially while it came to her smile .
Even if, all most stars , Tulisa did a smart change by her dentist that gave her cute smiling from teeths , it reason , make she happy in front of camera

#4-Simon Cowell, Always saw him, at , British scout talent and he is a judge of some of the best reality shows around such as American Idol , British Got Talent and also X Factor .etc.


#5-Once has done a lot for herself all most her life , Catherine Zeta Jones, also one thing , with her smile more exuberant .
Was seek advice from her dentist . ok, there was beautiful in her earlier smile too, but no one can help what she has put on her face at just moment thank to her dentist .you may see pics of her below show about before and after her dentist help.

#6-Spending ,about 50 cent spent close to 50000$ cause that his teeth get back in shape .yes,really , it is too much of the money that he paid . even if, you consider the face that ,he still alive after shot more than 8 times , but then he is allowed he want with the money he has . It great for him and his smile now .

#7Louis Walsh , he is Entertainment manager from Britain and also , host of the X Factor show . Now he would thank to his dentist who fix his teeth very well, because he does not mind smiling on the camera, whenever he comes across a nice performance and it is worth watching him smile.

#8-Zac Efron making as well as style by himself in the way while he walks,to the camera with smile . which he did and should be so thank to his dentist for help him , would be his smile. he has
satisfaction with teeth and smile out of his mouth . This reason, he should be thankful to his dentist by hopeful that his teeth still lovely shape .
source: thelisticles.net


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