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    12.jpgAbout KADO

    KADO is Sino-German joint venture. Its manufacturing web guiding system, width measurement system, thickness measurement system and visual inspection system have good features,as stable operation, accurate deviation, responsiveness, durability,simple installation and debugging.They are widely used in many industries such as new energy industry, printing and packaging industry, rubber tire industry.

    At present,  KADO has evolved from a simple equipment supplier to a partner who can provide system solutions for users. Guided by customer needs, the company customizes products with special needs for specific customers, strives to meet the individual needs of customers, enhances the quality of customers' products,continuously absorbs professional production technology and manufacturing experience and enhances the market competitiveness of products.

    KADO provides customers with reliability and innovative technology.To dramatically increases productivity is the heart of all our products and services. Based on a deep understanding of market needs, we work as a team to focus on new applications and business areas in the future. In this way, we actively use our high quality service and innovative ideas to shape the market.


    About KADO

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    Guiding System

    Controller Sensor Drive DF Guiding frame DFS Guiding frame SF Guiding frame Reverse Correction

    Thickness & density detection

    Laser Thickness Measurement X Ray Surface Density Detectio... β Ray Detection of Surface Den...

    Vision System

    Alignment Degree Detection Width Detection Surface Defect Detection