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    Company mission

    KADO is an expert in the field of professional automation technology. Whether it's our customers, our employees or ourselves, we are brightened by our outstanding skills and integrity.



    KADO provides you with professional automation control technology and implementation solutions to complex problems. As an innovator of professional technology, KADO has always been highly regarded by customers in the fierce market competition. We are your preferred supplier, because only good teams can survive and develop freely in the competition in the future of global demand.


    Customer first

    The focus of KADO's work is always on the customer's interests above everything else. We hope to meet the needs of each customer by providing timely, flexible application technology, practical solutions and personalized services.


    The quality of staff

    KADO employees are passionate, knowledgeable, resourceful and responsible, and they are a source of our valuable wealth and success. Our style comes from our group. This sentence can best reflect our cooperation philosophy and our daily work is carried out with this belief. For us, mutual appreciation, mutual care, knowing everything, sincere cooperation and loyalty are the keys to success.


    Technical know-how and creativity

    Based on years of valuable experience, our team has always been based on high-level product technology innovations, providing customers with professional new technologies on a regular basis, thus enhancing the competitiveness of our customers' products.

    The key to the success of the target management system 

    KADO managers must ensure that every employee understands and goes all out to complete the company's mission. Every employee knows his or her role and can work proactively to truly ensure the company's overall success.


    About KADO

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    Guiding System

    Controller Sensor Drive DF Guiding frame DFS Guiding frame SF Guiding frame Reverse Correction

    Thickness & density detection

    Laser Thickness Measurement X Ray Surface Density Detectio... β Ray Detection of Surface Den...

    Vision System

    Alignment Degree Detection Width Detection Surface Defect Detection