Amazing cool longest living animal tortoise

Couple of animals are so adorable that you can not resist yourself from enjoying them and among different kinds of animals; tortoise is among the types, which is much loveable . This animal is referred to as long time living animals. The links speak about a particular tortoise named as Jonathan, which is 182 years old and this certain types is being photographed by the individuals who have extreme passion about wild life photography. The professional photographers are comparing the old and today’s photos of Jonathan. With time the shades of the shell has likewise altered.

So start looking for oldest tortoise alive you always needed. If you are trying to look for oldest tortoise in the world, you have actually come on the outstanding web page.
More info: | (h/t: imgur) Via: boredpanda

1902 vs TodaySource: imgur

Image credits: Guy Gatien

Source: BBC


Image credits: Joe Hollins

Image credits: Darrin Henry


Image credits: Guy Gatien



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