Amazing cute rea artist

In his wide build-up of unusual works of art , craftsman Joel Rea faces us great undertakings . His hyper practical scenes as well as depictions highlight every little thing from twirls of rainy winds as well as water to goliath young puppies going after little people. Utilizing brushes as meager as only a couple of hairs, the Australian craftsman invests many hours fastidiously accumulating his oil sketches up until they are smooth, drenched and crazily factor by factor scenes of creative drugs . Prior to he even places brush to canvas, Rea spends energy exploring and picturing his pictures . He attracts from various media, pre-envisioned details , as well as picture fires with a certain end goal to mix a few parts right into one last and on a regular basis confusing imagine.


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Joel Rea’s website
via [Faith Is Torment ,mymodernmet ]


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