Amazing Distinct ​Field Mice Images

Little size, fastness, and flexibility are some characteristics that make mice make it through in any environment and as a commonly common mammal types in the world. Reaching any part of the crop- flowers, fruits, corns, seeds and stems for food is simple for them. Mice in our houses and stores trigger hell of havoc by gnawing the foods and corns, aside from biting out clothing. When in burrows in forests and natural environments, they lead their life rather cutely, though taking in paddy and corns from the fields is constantly a hazard. In New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific Islands, where mice were freshly presented, they multiply limitlessly in the absence their natural opponents, feasting on crops and birds.
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Image credits: Kaloyan Hristov


Image credits: Matt Binstead

Image credits: Adam Hough
Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew

Image credits: Mark Wright

Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew
Image credits: Jerry Harwood

Image credits: Pavlo Lutsan

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Image credits: Miroslav Hlavko

Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew | Matt Binstead

Image credits: Miroslav Hlavko


Image credits: Lynn Griffiths


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