Amazing distinct largest amusement parks in the world

Parks are usually created interestingly since toddlers get amused by these various parks. Further , there are different types of information you are going to find in these different parks. Sometimes parks are themed as different traits, and various intriguing truths you might observe in these cases and parks are created in such a method that one can easily follow the techniques of these designs. There are some parks which appear like various animals, and often these designs appear like human personal body parts. If you have destinations to these different , you can have a look at the link which is offered here in the above link.
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So look out for weirdest theme parks you may need. If you are searching for love land amusement park, you have actually come on the right page.

Love Land (Korea): all about sexLove Land is a recreation center about sex. Situated on Cheju Island (referred to locally as “Vacation Island”), the Park highlights all way of porn-y memorabilia and workmanship, from monster brilliant statues dribbling with animalistic relinquish, to something many refer to as, um, “most huge penis.” The recreation center was initially made as a craftsmanship show for understudies of Seoul’s Hongik University. (Source | Photo )

BonBon-Land (Denmark): includes a farting roller coaster

(Source | Photo)

Diggerland (England): a construction themed park
(Source 1 | Source 2 | Photo )

Išgyvenimo Drama (Lithuania): where you can ‘experience’ comunism
(Source 1 | Source 2 )


Dickens World (England): featuring the dark side of the industrial revolution

(Source | Photo )

Harmonyland (Japan): entirely devoted to Hello Kitty

Grutas Park (Lithuania): filled with Communism’ statues

Source | Photo

Suoi Tien Park (Vietnam): a buddhist parkSource | Photo

Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi): a high tech park inspired in Ferrarris
(Source 1 | Source 2)

The Nintendo Amusement Park (NYC): a non virtual place to play Mario Bros(Source | Photo)


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