Amazing Distinct Skittles Banned Commercial

Commercial advertisements usually come up on the tv for individuals like you and me to understand about a specific product and services.

Here you will get to see a list of commercials which were maybe popular at some time of time however have actually been banned due to numerous reasons .

Take a look at the videos and likewise read the descriptions to understand more about why these advertisements were prohibited. There are 12 prohibited ads in the list and one is more controversial than the other.

Have a look at the entire collection and you will perhaps be confined that why these commercials disappear evaluated. So take a look at skittles commercial banned right now.
More info:

Strip Poker (Centrum)

Tidy Up (IKEA)


Super Bowl 2007 (Budweiser)(Source)
Spontaneous Game of Shoot ‘Em Up (Xbox360)



“The Milkman” (Mastercard)


Windows XP unexpected experience (Microsoft)


Adam and Eve (Centraal Beheer)


Kylie Minogue’s mechanical bull (Agent Provocateur)


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