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Some professional photographers like to experiment with their photography with various sort of subjects . Often they blend intense humor with it and click pictures with from various angles. The topics are experimented with persons with single limbs and they are set to pose in front of the cam in distinct method.

In some cases these persons posture in such a method that it looks like birds with long limbs and they are created really wonderfully . There are different type of decorative active ingredients that help the professional photographers take help and they reveal some funny flavor that entertains the photography lovers all over the world.

Shark Attack

Source: reddit

“When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Awesome Halloween Costumes”


Dolphin Tattoo

Source: imgur
DIY LEGO Prosthesis

Source: imgur
A Literal Tattoo

Source: imgur

Where Have My Muscles Gone!?Source: imgur
Tribute To The Shark That Bit His Arm Off
Source: imgur


Amputee Husband Receives Gloves And His Wife With Mastectomy Receives Bra
Source: imgur

Trolling Kids At The Beach
Source: reddit

The Giant Thumb Tattoo

Image credits: Brad Bako

Clever Use Of A Prosthetic Leg
Source: reddit
Piggies Gone To The MarketSource: tattoodo

Genuine Pirate Costume
Source: imgur

Genius ‘Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp Costume

Image credits: Ashley P. Ash

‘Attacked By A Shark’ Halloween Costume
So start looking for female toe amputee right now. If you are finding for shark funny pics, you have come on the perfect page.


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