Amazing easy wheelchair comic

There are couple of kids who are born disabled and wish to engage themselves into some imaginative actions. This allows them to adjust with the discomfort of disability in their lives . There are couple of kids who like to prepare various imaginative things and this link is everything about a physically challenged young boy , who has transformed his wheelchair into a wonderful mad max Cosplay.

He is the creator of this things and has prepared the entire with his spectacular abilities. One can follow the methods , if he or she has interest in innovative items and fascinating technology .So take a look at cave johnson cosplay right now.

If you’re exploring for wheelchair comic, you have come on the awesome blog Via: boredpanda
More info: Instagram

Meet Ben Carpenter, an engineering student from Florida
His fierce getup turned plenty of heads at the Dragon Con convention in Georgia

He also created an alternate buggy version for conventions with more room


His costume often includes his fierce wargirl friend, Amy

Here he is when he’s not fighting warboys


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