Amazing genuine arts medium

The above shown link is completely devoted to the idea that creativity can flow from any channel. Utilizing creative abilities one can turn a normal trait into something unbelievably extraordinary .
Audiences will surely be interested to see these special arts made by utilizing things such as garbage, colored pencils, recycled carrier bags, disposed of shopping bags, dice and betting chips, cassette tapes and much more products as shown in this fantastic site link.
The creators of these splendid artistic kinds remind all of us that best type of art is not the most complicated and expensive . The charm lies in the manner in which of change as seen in these images.

Medium: TrashLips by Tom Deininger

Medium: Recycled Carrier Bags

Eden Project [Via WebUrbanist]

Medium: Colored PencilsJennifer Maestre

Medium: Discarded Shopping BagsYuken Teruya


Medium: Dice and Gambling Chips
Liu Jianhua

Medium: Jello
Liz Hickok

Medium: Cassette Tapesiri5

Medium: Post-it Notes


Medium: Kodaimai Rice
Via Pink Tentacle\

Medium: Chewing GumMaurizio Savini [Via Telegraph]


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