Amazing hairstyle of Hansel Qiu as like “pineapple”

This is a hair style pineapple.When seen feel that it’s a new hair style.For youth today. Therefore,Students named Hansel Qiu,
The 20-year-old student at the University of Calgary in Canada
Hansel Qiu, created the impression through his hair style By the hair of his head.
Looks like a real pineapple. It’s great for Great hair style.More Reading

More info: hansel34 (h/t: boredpanda /demilked  )

And now I show you some of Hansel Qiu’s Photos hair style below:


pineapple-haircut-1 pineapple-haircut-2 pineapple-haircut-4 pineapple-haircut-5 pineapple-haircut-6 pineapple-haircut-7 pineapple-haircut-9 pineapple-haircut-12  Dainius


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