Amazing Lovely Detroit City Pics

Detroit has actually undergone through lots of changes . The city went through a significant population boom and then suffered a fast decline of population requiring lots of buildings lying deserted. In order to increase awareness about the drastic changes the city suffered in social and economic front, the folks behind Detroiturbex chose to provide then-and-now pictures of Lewis Cass Technical High School.
After taking shots of each and every room of the deserted school, they superimposed the photos with photos of various activities such as dancing, playing etc .
These images show how the life utilized to be at that time.So look out for abandoned detroit you always needed.

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School danceSchool dance
A 1988 basketball gameA 1988 basketball game

One of several biology labs

Last day of school

First floor of the old auditorium
Dance hall in the new wing

Pep band makes their way through a crowd

Second floor hallwaySecond floor hallway
The library, from a picture in an early 90’s yearbook


The arts mural on floor 3, 1988

Volleyball match


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