Amazing Red Burgers Coming To Burger King In Japan

If something has gone very wrong for your burger is coal black or blood red. It means , if you in japan , you have gone to Burger King! ,Burger King Japan, This summer, with be promote two kinds of red Burger ,-the Aka Sumurai Beef and Aka Sumurai Chicken (AKA means red in japan ). Tomato powder is what makes the bun red and the cheese crimson.

In 2012, The Kuro(black ) Burger was first introduced . The color of the cheese bun get from charcoal . I can agree from involvement that i looks weirder than it tastes! It will run from August 21st till October.See more at
Mixing colors, the Twin Pie box will run for the whole summer.

Source: (h/t: rocketnews24 / )

Burger King In Japan 1

Burger King In Japan 2


Burger King In Japan 3

Burger King In Japan 5

Burger King In Japan 6


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