Amazing Sahara el Beyda, the White Desert in Egypt You must Spend Some Time To Go Visit

Desert in Egypt, you might have heard about it. There which is considered the attraction place in Egypt, all of the tourists and also the direction that has been enchanting to the people for reminding them of the skills Mother Nature, our work unique is the great Sahara If you like beautiful Desert , you can plan to Egypt and continue to visit the Desert or the Sahara White .
Image Sorce: stttijn via Flickr
ImageSource: stttijn

 via Flickr
Desert-foxes-White-Desert-Egypt_-003Image Source: stttijn via Flickr

Credit: stttijn via Flickr
Image : stttijn via Flickr
Image Soucre: stttijn via Flickr
Image Source: stttijn via Flickr
by Vyacheslav Argenberg via Flickr

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