An Excellent Way To Solve Insomnia Naturally by Simon Tmka

Do you sleep well every night? If you do, then you are very lucky. Getting to sleep well is a big problem for SimonTmka a 27 – year old boy form Slovakia. To overcome this, he didn’t go to see a doctor but come up with a brilliant idea. He and sometimes with his friends packed his sleeping bag and went to the mountains, sometimes with some friends, to enjoy sunsets, sunrises and the stunning night sky, even the Milky Way, to get over his insomnia. This is an excellent natural way to solve sleeping problem and moreover it has brought about the most beautiful photos of striking landscapes. Here are some of the photos he took during his fight against his insomnia.



When-Adventure-01 When-Adventure-02 When-Adventure-03 When-Adventure-04 When-Adventure-07

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