Artist Transforms Washed Up Plastic Pollution into Beautiful Site Specific Installations

Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson, New -York based multimedia artist Alejandro Duran creates color-based, inspired to initiate their work with site-specific tableaux of plastics and trash that washes ashore on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. He named his current project “Washed Up” described a new form of colonization by consumerism. This is an idea to improve global environment of this artist.

That is, undeveloped land is often not safe area that may impact all disposable culture from all of no care people. Alejandro always said “Conflating the hand of man and nature, at times I distribute the objects the way the waves would; at other times, the plastic takes on the shape of algae, roots, rivers, or fruit, reflecting the infiltration of plastics into the natural environment”. Please ladies and gentlemen let view and consider as conscientious.

Credite To:junk-culture


duran duran2 duran3 duran4 duran6


Check more at Alejandro Duran’s website for more info.via [Lenscratch]

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