Baatara Gorge, Magical Waterfalls in Lebanon

If you are passionate about nature and you don’t have any idea where to go in order to see the most striking landscapes then you are at the right place. I am going to show you the most breathtaking places you have never seen in your life. Baatara Gorge Waterfall or Three Bridge Chasm located in Tannourine, Lebanon is the magical lands featuring the most spectacular waterfalls with thundering sound pouring down from the heaven. Here are the photos of these astonishing waterfall and scary bridges. Have a visit there at least once in your life to see this dreamy sight.


Source: | (h/t: s4r4hz/ boredpanda )
01-three-bridges-cave-baatara-gorge-waterfall-lebanonImage source: Nicki Hill
02-three-bridges-cave-baatara-gorge-waterfall-lebanonImage source: 
Image Source:  Lightreaver
Image Source: Institut français du Proche
08-three-bridges-cave-baatara-gorge-waterfall-lebanonImage soure: Loai El Nomeiry
Image Source: Jack Seikaly


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