Beautiful Photos At Mongolia ,In Winter!

Mongolia is well known as a country that has landscapes widened and stretched throughout the country. Accordingly, this country has generated widely pasture, and it is favored for animals especially sheep and goats. However, the country has very low temperature (i.e. it may negative temperature for long period of time more than dry season) compared to Asian countries except China bordered with this country.
That is, the winter provides us with amazing and interesting scenery and it seems to be a home to incredible for those who may prepare themselves to visit as sightseeing there at any time if they have enough time. Looking at these seeing images, we are interested in these landscapes because these are a vast fields covered by snow and ices, and rock. Note that there is not any tree in those landscapes as seen in place. Please view and judge yourself in the following image.

Credit to: Via /khmerline168
Mongolia’s winters-1

Mongolia’s winters-2

Mongolia’s winters-04

Mongolia’s winters-4


Mongolia’s winters-05

Mongolia’s winters-7

Mongolia’s winters-08

Mongolia’s winters-09

Mongolia’s winters-9

Mongolia’s winters-12


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