Beautiful Photos Captured By Alex Greenshpun

Alex Greenshpun always loved autumn season because it might capture beautiful photos more than the other season. This was the most magical time of the year for him. Among nature made alive based on golden hues, gentle breezes and the fresh smell of the rain. That is, it made him to feel freeze and happy with the cute nature.It is expected that the theme of autumn had found its way into his works when he was child. In his photographs he always looked for the quirky and unique. He also tried to share a certain story of subject. Accordingly, each image being been seen has a something to tell. And each photograph was fairytale of autumn. Please let find more works in the link below.

by Cavi Chan
Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun -3

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-3

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-5

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-7

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-8

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-9


Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-12

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-13

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-16

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-31

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-44

Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-66



Beautiful autumn-photography-alex-greenshpun-g
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