The Breathtaking Photography of Ancient Trees

One of the photographers based in San Francisco, Beth Moon, has been travelling to every part of the world in search of the most impressive, largest and oldest ancient trees ever for over 14 years. Her effort counts. She has met a series of oldest trees across the globe and captured the photos of them. The trees look as old as the beginning of the world and most of them grow in the remote areas. Many duotone photos taken by Beth Moon were published in one book called ““Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”. Here is a collection of photographs of the oldest trees in the world.

Source : (h/t: colossal)
Ancient Trees-01

Ancient Trees-03

Ancient Trees-05

Ancient Trees-09

Ancient Trees-011

Ancient Trees-13


Ancient Trees-022

Ancient Trees-028

Ancient Trees-34

Ancient Trees-66

Ancient Trees-74

Ancient Trees-111
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