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Pretty perfect kinkade thomas paintings

It is unbelievable when you blend the pure pastel art works by Thomas Kinkade with characters from Star Wars? Approximately entertainingly unique ! Craftsman Jeff Bennett since late made an excellent plan called War on Kinkade demonstrating the characters of the popular series attack the wonderfully honeyed American acts Kinkade is renowned for, which integrate

4 Point and Become A good Leader ( The BUDDHA’s Word)

Once the concentration of the mind is achieved , one must turn to the Four Sublime Abodes .The Four Sublime Abodes Are: 1-Metta -Love 2-Karuna-Compassion 3-Mudita-Sympathetic 4-Upekkha-Equanimity These Four Sublime Abodes modify the harshness of impersonality that is acquired through (anapanasati ) and other forms of mind concentration . These forms of concentration reduce life


The BUDDHA’s Path to Moksha (Liberation )evolved out of his intense spiritual restlessness .His initial effort was to seek out a path that would lead him into freedom from the human cycle of suffering .   (Photo As a young and influential prince, when he led a sheltered life of leisure, taking whatever pleasure


About The Buddha’s words! Photo Credit All religions invariably attempt to alter state of mind of their followers. The spiritual calm that the people desire could come initially through a change of mind by transferring one’s problems to a divine being. In God-centred religions, people seek salvation through divine assistance. But the Buddha taught


The Buddha (THE ENLIGHTENED ONE) (Image Credits:thebuddhasface) Amidst the stresses of the modern world, many tend to seek a Path towards spiritual tranquility. In this search to discover piece of mind and inner quietness, they increasingly turn towards the words of the Buddha. This is because his words contain truths that bring about the stillness
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