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Very Unique Shi Cheng China​ , Look Into Underwater City Shicheng

Beneath the water in the China’s Qiandao Lake lies a hidden fortune. The old-fashioned city of Shi Cheng (otherwise called Lion City), located in the area of Zhejiang, has actually been submerged for a long time . Much like the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru, this submerged city remained ignored till some re-established interest lead

The Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima

Arkadiusz Podniesinski one of the Polish photographers has decided to travel to Fukushima nuclear disaster in japan in order that he can see himself all the real damages right there. He was allowed to enter about 20 kilometers Exclusion Zone and he was very surprised to see the sight which is very similar to the

Top Breathtaking Landscapes to see in China

China is the largest country in Asia and it is also the most powerful one in term on economy and military. As this country is very large so there are a lot of amazing places that you can visit but the thing is that it is not easy to spot the right places for your

Most Beautiful Places to see in Mongolia

Are you searching for the natural places to carry you backpack to? Then, let me show you some incredible places that you will love it when you see. Mongolia is one of the largest places yet sparsely populated making this an incredible adventure in the pristine environment and landscapes. I am sure that you will

8 Most Striking Places to Visit in Asia You Must Visit At Least Once

Life is not always going on right. It is just like sea tide which is up and down, comes and goes. And similarly, life is the combination of sorrow and joy. But how can you do to deal with the time that you are down? Of course there are many ways in which you can

The Astonishing Ricefilds Of Southern China

It is not any surprising to you at all when coming to talk about rice field but hold on. I am convinced that you will change your mind when seeing the photos of the Ricefields of Southern China. They are not just the rice fields but they are the spectacular part of arts. The fields

The Livelihood of the North Korea

North Korea in one of powerful communist in Asia and across the world but it seems to be isolated from countries around the world since the leader of this country never listen and care who talk negatively about their ambition to produce more and more nuclear weapon and its greatest enemy is possibly be America

4 Best places And The most interesting to visit in Cambodia

#1 Angkor Angkor Wat is a great cultural treasures for mankind in general and this is the special properties of the Khmer people also, the other hand,This UNESCO World Heritage site is by far Cambodia’s, if not Southeast Asia’s, largest tourist attraction.By famous Angkor, That is,every year thousands of visitors traveling to north of Siem

#7 Images Of Kathmandu, the Ancient City of Nepal

Recently a giant earthquake has just hit Nepal killing more 5000 people and destroyed one of the world UNESCO heritage ancient building Kathmandu. One of the photographers has shared with us the most striking places of that city he had taken before the earthquake occurred. It is the greatest chance to see the capital city

Astonishing Photography of Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia is in one of the places in the world that features the most striking things to be discovered. It is rich in diversity of cultures and places. David Lazar has recently led his exploration to the Indonesian Archipelago to capture the variety of people, cultures and landscapes. Everything is astonishing from Borneo to East
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