Cracking the myths with foods

To stay fresh, healthy and energetic, it is important to take food regularly with precision, as food is the thing that gives us power to work. Having food is a matter of good habit, and while we stay busy in building habit, we tend to forget one most important aspect, and that is having balanced diet. Proper diet can lead to proper health and energetic shape of body, while improper dieting can lead to lack of immunity and various other physical problems. So, it is worth to know about balanced dieting, as that will help you to live energetic life. Here in this article, a few myths regarding various foods have been busted.
To start with, we shall consider celery which is regard as extremely healthy food item that give high calories to our body. Well, this is nothing but a myth, as experiments have suggested that celery does more harms than doing anything good, as it contains high amount of negative calories. However, if you are looking for a good source of natural fiber, then eating celery would help perfectly, as it possess good amount of natural fiber. We often think that frozen or canned fruits are lesser healthy than fresh one, and to be honest this is myth. Unless there are any harmful preservative, you can eat frozen fruits as much as you can availing the same benefits of the fresh fruits.
A lot of people think that eating raw carrots is healthier than cooked one, but the fact says the reverse thing. Cooked carrots are actually more nutritious. The cellular walls break down due to cooking, and that makes carrots easy to digest. It also helps body to find better access to the Vitamin-A which is found in high quantity in carrots. So, these are some food myths that you should know to build better food habit.
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