Disable people and their Sexual Desire

When we are talking about handicap, we usually ignore to include sex in the discussion. There is a misunderstanding that people who are handicap do not have the same sexual feeling as able-bodied people, which simply isn’t true. Enhance the UK is trying to explain that misunderstanding with their latest campaign, Undressing Disability, testify that people with handicap have the same sexual desire as anybody else. Jennie, who launched the campaign for more than three years ago, said that she believed that being handicap could be a very isolating experience.’ she said adding that ‘As well as physical barriers, there is still a large amount of discrimination towards disability amongst the general public,’ ‘Being unable to undress is about challenging the misunderstanding that make this unbalance and ensuring that better access to sexual health, sexual awareness and sex education must be given to handicap people.’


(Image: Enhance the UK)

(Image: Enhance the UK)

img_0232-edit_009(Image: Enhance the UK)

by Makenzie Whittle,( And More Reading :metro.co.uk )



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