Environmental awareness through photography series

In recent years, the concern regarding environmental damage has reached its peak, with different kinds of pollutants contaminating Nature and resultantly harming humans. As with all kinds of concerns, the need for mass awareness has also taken center stage with the advent of this threat. People are taking all sorts of necessary steps to make others aware of the situation around us so that others may act responsibly. The main kinds of environmental damage, originate from different kinds of human habits that make them harm their surroundings unconsciously. These harmful practices include discharging toxic wastes or chemicals into water bodies or landfilling by dumping various types of polluting wastes on open land. Also, different waste management processes such as incineration or burying, harm Nature’s delicate balance. Environmental damage also comes from man-made accidents such as oil spills and forest fires, which destroy vast expanses of land or water. The awareness regarding these damaging practices is done by individuals who publish different kinds of creative work which can warn people while impressing them. One such form of art is photography, which has the aesthetic competence to please you while sending out a message in a very unambiguous way. The link given here shows photographs and videos that show models dressed in elaborate outfits designed by interweaving waste materials. The photos are taken from such a perspective so that the models cover a larger portion of the foreground. The background spells out the message in a clear-cut manner. The dresses have been designed very intelligently by a Senegalese fashion designer named Doulsy. The photographs, on the other hand, have been captured by Fabrice Monteiro, a renowned professional photographer. The entire project was funded and collaborated by an organization named Ecofund, which concerns itself with environmental damage observation and awareness.
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