Extremely one-of-a-kind Kelvingrove museum exhibitions

by Sophie Cave-01

Ever acquire that distressing sensation that hundred setups of perceptiveness are evaluating you while you are standing alone in an area? On account of Sophie Cave , the bad dream has transformed right into realistic look! The Relocating Heads establishment at Kelvingrove Gallery of the Scottish city in Glasgow is absolutely stopping individuals in their tracks. Cave made more than 50 heads, each revealing diverse feelings consisting of giggling and also sheds hope. The heads stay entirely white, nonetheless are struck so as to their appearances are stressed, which provides the facility a to some extent scary feeling, go to the link .
More info: mymodernmet | Via :kuriositas

by Sophie Cave-02

by Sophie Cave-03

by Sophie Cave-04


by Sophie Cave-05

by Sophie Cave-06

by Sophie Cave-07

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