Extremely one-of-a-kind lenin monument

A statue of Lenin in Ukraine has discovered new life as a landmark Darth Vader. Popular stone employee Alexander Milov, who has actually ahead of time been highlighted on numerous online websites, is revealing the Wi-Fi-empowered statue.
The Bronze statue was left within, so that the appreciative or not all that appreciative family members might discover him, if needed … Yes precisely that is what Milov informed the media. The initiation is undoubtedly a praiseworthy endeavor. If you are interested to see what more is waiting in the story, you can take a look at the page where sufficient information will be there for you.So take a look at ukraine darth vader now.

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dumskaya.net | Facebook (h/t: meduza) Via boredpanda.com

A statue of Lenin in Odessa, Ukraine, was just “decommunized” by order of president Petro Poroshenko


Lenin was transformed into Darth Vader, who also works as a free WIFI hot spot

Alexander Milov is the sculptor in charge of this decommunization project

Who better represents the Dark Side? Lenin or Darth Vader?


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