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Painting portraits is among the finest arts and if you prefer to see them then click the above pointed out link. Here you will get to see a talented artist who has spent hundred hours to make a flawless and ideal picture with a sensible expression. His painting is so perfect that it might become difficult to believe that this is painted. You might think that this is captured in cam if you don’t see the artist dealing with it. If you wish to know about this sensational painting method and the Italian artist in detail then go through this link a minimum of when .More Details: mymodernmet

So start checking out modern simple art immediately.
The Museum of Ice Cream recently opened its doors in Los Angeles and features ice cream-themed artwork as well as tasty culinary treats.special art modern09Installation by Keith Magruder

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One installation includes a pool filled with a hundred million sprinkles.
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You’ve got to reserve tickets a head of timeā€”and the unconventional institution is so popular it’s booked through July!

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Here’s the Museum of Ice Cream installation in progress:
special art modern05

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Museum of Ice Cream: Website | Instagram | Facebook


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