Greatest Photography of Hell-Like Landscapes in Ethiopia

Joel Santos’s background used to be in Economics but that was not his born passion and that was the reason why he eventually quit it and decided become a photographer. Ha has been traveling to over countries around the world to discover the real happiness in the nature. He is in search of the places where there awesome light like in the heaven. Instead of seeing those places, he encountered some hottest places on earth which look like hell. One of those is the Afar region, where the Danakil Depression lies and it is located in Ethiopia. Check out the great photography of those hell-like landscapes below.


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Aerial panoramic shot of Erta Ale lava lake and recent lava overflow. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
Danakil Depression, Ethiopia , Erta Ale Volcano
Part of the philosophy that a 180º aerial crater lake of lava and volcanic twin Erta Ale, Danakil depression, Ethiopia
Gateway to Hell, Danakil,Dallol, Erta Ale, Ethiopia


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