Highly one-of-a-kind katie rodgers

Pretty watercolor artworks wake up on the web page with the help of craftsman Katie Rodgers. Sent off by organizations , for example , Kate Spade and also Train, Rodgers has actually transformed her youth love for watercolors into a permanent job. An alum of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Industrial Layout, she operated in clothing strategy at Reebok, as well as represented as an afterthought , until she can outline just, which was simply back in January 2012. Her company is called Paperfashion. There’s a fascinating conference on Fashionarium where she talks about the best ways to be successful in the layout representation sector.
More info: Paperfashion website Via : mymodernmet

So start searching for modern fashion sketches right now.

by Katie Rodgers-2

by Katie Rodgers-3


by Katie Rodgers-4

by Katie Rodgers-5

by Katie Rodgers-6

by Katie Rodgers-7


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