Highly Special Drawing Of An Octopus

At the point when his pioneer buddies scrutinized the utility of ballpoint pens, artisan Raymond Cicin took that as a test. He gathered their disposed of ballpoint pens and spent over a year making this incredible and exceptionally point by point octopus drawing .

This drawing isn’t really the one and only – he has made other impressive work of art likewise making use of just these normal, modest pens. It simply demonstrates that it’s often the craftsman , not the instrument! The octopus being referred to was encouraged by a German scientist , who bit the dust a century ago and his drawing was of the regular octopus.So look into drawings of octopuses right now.

If you’re searching for ballpoint pen artwork, you have actually land on the incredible blog post.
raymondcicin.com | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: colossal, demilked)



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