Highly stunning dog photo shoot

Lilica was really pleased to show her maternity bum when she was shot just one day prior to her shipment. The next day after the Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo took these sensational maternity images Lilica brought to life five healthy pups. The litter included 4 males and one woman and all of them were adopted by the household members . Here are some remarkable images of the ever alert Lilica keeping guard of the young puppies and breast feeding them. Scroll down the page to see this ever caring mom in action.
More info: Facebook | Via : boredpanda.com
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Remember Lilica, the sensational dog from her maternity photo shoot?

All 5 babies have already been adopted among Lilica owner’s family members!

The next day after the shoot she gave birth to 5 awfully cute puppies!
Grillo, the photographer, told Bored Panda that the litter includes 4 males and 1 female


So the proud mom has no need to worry about her babies’ future!


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