Highly stunning pictures of eyes up close

People who see the above examined site interface need to agree that human-eye is the most expensive electronic camera at any point made. The appeal of our eyes lies not only their capacities however moreover in their outline that give everybody an unmistakable vision. A nearby photos of the eyes as partook in this connection like some wonderful surface regions of far and unidentified universes. These marvelous and exceptional visual pictures are well records by a n Armenian material science teacher Suren Manvelyan. He has really used his mates, students and partners as outlines to make these phenomenal pictures and has quite ever imagined such awesome things will rise. So begin looking at very close eyes you generally required.

In case you’re perusing for large scale eye, you have really arrive on the cool site page.
More info: boredpanda | Website: behance.net/paronsuren


eye-macro-photo-1_001 eye-macro-photo-1_002 eye-macro-photo-1_003 eye-macro-photo-1_004 eye-macro-photo-1_005 eye-macro-photo-1_006 eye-macro-photo-1_007 eye-macro-photo-1_008 eye-macro-photo-1_009 eye-macro-photo-1_012 eye-macro-photo-1_013 eye-macro-photo-1_014 eye-macro-photo-1_015 eye-macro-photo-1_018 eye-macro-photo-1_019
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