Hilarious but horrifying face swaps

Photo editing has become the new craze all over the digital network, and social networking sites have aggravated this situation. All kinds of people now share the photos they have edited and created via photo editing software such as Photoshop. Recent advancement in editing technologies has made it possible to make a person look completely different from reality. Photo editors can now replace entire human faces with completely different ones, and create unbelievably odd-looking photographs that horrify more than they entertain. These pictures, shared on the Internet for public viewing, can make a person a perennial laughing stock in front of his peer groups. The link given here shows a list of such photo editing outputs which show how imaginatively people can use their talents for photo editing. Each of these photos is a face swap, that is, the face of a person swapped and replaced with something else. The edit makes the photo look incongruous and somewhat ridiculous, and ghastly. Some photos also have the human face transposed onto an animal, and the latter adapted onto the human. This edit looks hilarious because it is somewhat embarrassing for the man or woman (or even a child) who has been photographed in the particular click. The link may seem hilarious for some, but can be treated as a list of distorting edits that aim at making people laugh like crazy. Especially noteworthy are the face swapped photos of children, which are terrifying because of the editing. Their faces have been swapped with those of their pets and other animals, which make them, look very awkward. There are photos of face swaps between parents and children, and men and women too. Take an eye on the photos to enjoy the clever editing which has a horrible effect on the photos.

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Horrifying Face Swaps_01
Horrifying Face Swaps_02
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