How a Blind Man Works in his Furniture Workshop

Duncan Meerding is a furniture designer who is based in Tasmania. He is passionate about the wilderness that comes across in his work. One of the most famous things of his work is simply the logs whose natural cracks emit soft, warm light. Meerding is a blind man who gets 5 percent of his vision from his peripheries. So to see and communicate the world, he necessarily needs his log lamps. The logs that he uses as his lambs are sustainable materials in order that he can preserve the nature that he loves. The other tools that he uses to help him in his work are speaking tape measure. He basically uses his ears to listen to his chisels… short blindness doesn’t stop him from living a normal life.
More info: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bigcartel (h/t: modernmetsydney morning herald /boredpanda )






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