Jack was termed morbidly obese by the doctors

Doctors said: Jack is one of person , was termed morbidly obese ,it’s means: he could get problem lead to death by his morbidly obese , Ok, when Jack was 16 year old, his weight reached 20 of nearly stones . So, his life was so difficult , in fact , it’s not easy with the life of fat boy as like normal as other boys the same age . Obesity can lead to many other problems like : high blood pressure and especially heart diseases , I think that , nowaday all most people are meeting this problems .Back to say about Jack , by his morbidly obese ,so try to makes exercise other to be want his weight down , instead of a slim body and good healthy¬† . Here Video below say about Jack ,you may more detail by it:


Image& Video By :Barcroft TV


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