khmer Food called (Bokalhoung) (បុកល្ហុង)And Toeuk Kroeung,There is a very delicate taste, I like Cambodia’s Food and You?

khmer Food called (Bokalhoung) (បុកល្ហុង)
Bokalhoung can eat at lunch or at the end, when gathered to eat after rice.
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A very popular dish in Cambodia is Teuk Kroeung, a fishy dip eaten with fresh and boiled vegetables. You can use an assorted number of vegetables, plants and herbs including Long Eggplant, Bean Sprouts, Sesbania Pea (Phka Snor=ផ្កាស្នោ). Vegetables can be either boiled or served fresh.(There is a very delicate taste)I like Cambodian’s Food ! And You?:You may see more
Khmer FoodTeouk Kroeung

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