Look at Tiger Suit: Photos Of People Wearing A Tiger Suit

Most of his interactions with people are on the street start. Each person finished reaching a little

differently once they actually understand what he was asking for. He was working on a project in which he took photos of people wearing a tiger suit. So, it truly has to have any chance that we may participate? And what was Wearing ?

Some people could just mention no and walk away. The other would ask for a little more information before being made a decision and the rest. Some strange reason could trust him and just say “sure” with no really recognizing what they are agreeing. Now, over 300 people have worn the suit. Beyond, quite few more are hopefully and still gonna in the future.

More info: Facebook (boredpanda)

I am a pensioner which means that I finally have the time to do all the things that I truly want to do.


I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.01 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.1 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.02 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.2 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.3 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.4 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.5 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.7 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.8 I-take-photos-of-people-wearing-a-Tiger-Onesie.9


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