The Magical Infinity Mirrored Room

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese talented and creative artist whose work draws great deal of attention from the public. I am convinced that you will be amazed when you see his amazing artwork. Yayoi Kusama has worked hard on one project called “Infinity MirroredRoom”. This room is installed with hundreds of colorful LED lights hanging from the ceiling at different heights and dangling from ceiling to the floor creating astonishing sight ever to see. If you are standing in that room, you will feel like you are somewhere at the dreamy or magical land. Here are the photos of this amazing project called “Infinity Mirrored Room”.
012Photo credit: Thomas Welch
photo: Delissa Handoko
0123 Daniel (danhollis6767)
65 Source Photo: Josef Pinlac
32Photo credit : Jess Gardner


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