Photo Series of Mastectomy, Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the chronic and deadly dangerous occurring to women around the world. When people having diagnosed to have such disease, they hardly accept it because it is very hard to cure and spend a lot of money too. People are hopeless and their life is in Chaos but we still can find the way to the problem if we just don’t quit easily. Aniela McGuinness a 32-year-old actress from Hollywood, Florida is now sharing with you her Mastectomy photo series which reveal all of her stages of the breast cancer. She took a lot of photos with different clothes and positions before her operation.

Source: | facebookinstagram (h/t: cosmo /demilked )

 Aniela McGuinness had been diagnosed with breast cancer just as she was about to schedule preventive mastectomyWoman Documents Every Stage Of Her Mastectomy With Creative Photos​ _855

Aniela McGuinness took her first picture to have a reminder of her breasts


The uncensored photo is available on McGuinness’ website







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