Photographer Dad Makes His Kid With Down Syndrome Fly In A Heartwarming Project

The human being who wanted to fly was long time. Some kids are likely to do such thing. That is, we have known that one boy, who named Wil (William) from fifth child in Lawrence family, can have a special project about flying. He is the only to have Down’s Syndrome. When he crawled around, he used to lift his legs and flap his arms in the air. Accordingly, something looked like that he might fly to his parents. Note that other babies may not do like this.

Alan, who is art director and web designer by trade, said to be anxiety while he did not have a camera with him. That is, he decided to create pictures of Wil flying. All composite pictures were holding with his son aloft and next he edited himself out. Lastly, ‘Wil Can Fly’ now is posting it into his blog and Instagram, and it was finding success as a Kickstarter calendar project.

More info: | Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: liftbump) demilked


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