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In spite of that advertising is regularly seen as the best abhorrence of all, it likely includes more innovativeness than whatever other profession. It is craftsmanship , where sponsor has to make use of all his creativity forces to make something fun , sensational, wonderful , odd, now and again provocative , and at last it has to address the designated interest group and make them purchase the product.
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Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.
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Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi, India
Copywriter: Rondeep Gogoi
Art Director/Illustrator: Sumonto Ghosh


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Advertising Agency: DDB Denmark
Creative Director: Jesper Schmidt
Art Directors / Copywriters: Anna Just Melson, Mikkel Møller, Bue Peitersen
Published: June 2009

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Coffee Pole

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Advertising Agency: Cossette West, Canada
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Michael Milardo
Art Director: Eric Arnold

Yass Fail

Eid Mubarak

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi
Copywriter: Rondeep Gogoi
Art: Sumonto Ghosh
Photographer- Pankaj Arora
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The Olympic crew selection is on. Can you manage it?

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Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Enrico Dorizza
Art Director: Raffaele Cesaro
Copywriters: Enrico Dorizza, Raffaele Cesaro
Photographer: Archive / Fotostudio Perazzoli
Illustrator: Raffaele Cesaro
Published: 2005

Free Coffee

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Advertising Agency: Cossette West, Canada
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Michael Milardo, Bryan Collins
Art Director: Eric Arnold, Rob Sweetman

Make A Deal: Turbo Roller Coaster

Advertising Agency: DDB South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Creative Director: Julie Maunder
Art Director: Steven Jones
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Copywriter: Kenneth van Reenen

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Big ‘n’ Juicy
Advertising Agency: DDB Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Andreas Dahlqvist
Creative Director: Johan Holmström
Art Director: Simon Higby
Art Director: Ted Harry Mellström
Copywriter: Martin Lundgren
Photographer: Alexander Pihl
Account Manager: Lars Friberg
Agency Producer: Joachim Levin
Released: December 2007
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1×1 Euros

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Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Jan Okusluk, Oliver Diehr
Art Director / Copywriter: Volker Heuer
Photographer: Mathias Remmling
Released: October 2008

Official sponsor of Torino 2006 Winter Olympics

Agency: DDB, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Joris Kuijpers, Dylan de Backer
Copywriter: Robert den Bremer
Art Director: Edward Romunde
Postproduction: Souverein
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Coffee bean
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Nice try, mom…
Advertising Agency: GBK Heye, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Alexander Bartel, Martin Kiessling
Art Director: Zeljko Pezely
Photographers: Thomas Hannich
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Asian Weeks till 24th August

Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Jukka Mannio
Copywriter: Vesa Tujunen
Photographer: Mikko Harma / Kustom
Other additional credits: Mika Wist
Released: August 2008
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Objects in the Mirror are Closer (concept)

Copy: Brajesh Soni
Concept & Design: Brajesh Soni
Note: This concept has been done for “Dont Drink n Drive and Save tree”. Here I have just done for McD.
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McDonald’s: Night
Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Copywriter: Alex Stainton
Art Director: Jakub Szymanski
Photographer: Christian Mushenko
Typographers: Jason Young, Erwin Santoso
Account Supervisor: Penny Sarfati
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Helen Farquhar
Retoucher: Dennis Monk

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Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Creative Directors: Mark Tutssel, John Montgomery
Copywriter: Gary Fox-Robertson
Art Director: Vince Cook
Chief Creative Officer: John Condon

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McDonald’s in Birkerod re-opens in 1 week

Advertising Agency: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Poul Mikkelsen
Art director / Copywriter / Photographer: Tim Ustrup, Mikkel Møller
Photo Retoucher: Morten Hagstrøm

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