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    Nowadays, modern production equipment for strip coils is processed in various industries, and its production speed was unimaginable a few years ago. However, this increase in production speed must not be at the expense of product quality. Because the material deviates from the correct position, even a small error, the waste generated by any company can not afford. KADO's automatic rectification system ensures continuous and precise control of all types of strip materials in a variety of production processes, minimizing waste and downtime. We will ensure that your machine is running at full speed and normal.

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    The AE 500 controller is the core o...
    Ultrasonic Sensor (US2014/50)
    It is insensitive to dust and chan...
    Infrared Sensor (IR2014/50)
    Using pulse infrared ray (insensiti...
    Contrast Line Sensor (CLS 50)
    It has high precision and high reli...
    CCD Detector (CCD 5000)
    The color CCD sensor can accurately...
    GR12/C type actuator
    24V DC (Controller Power Supply), p...
    GR12/CX Type Actuator
    24V DC (Controller Power Supply), p...
    GR13 Type Actuator
    24V DC (Controller Power Supply), p...
    GR14 Type Actuator
    48V DC (customers need to provide a...
    DF Guiding frame
    DF Double Roll
    The DF type process correction fram...
    DFS Guiding frame
    DFS Pivoting guiding frame
    DFS is a compact rotating frame int...
    SF Guiding frame
    SF Guiding frame
    They consist of a fixed base frame ...
    Reverse Correction
    Reverse Correction
    The roll frame is used to turn the ...

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    Guiding System

    Controller Sensor Drive DF Guiding frame DFS Guiding frame SF Guiding frame Reverse Correction

    Thickness & density detection

    Laser Thickness Measurement X Ray Surface Density Detectio... β Ray Detection of Surface Den...

    Vision System

    Alignment Degree Detection Width Detection Surface Defect Detection