Quite cute photographs of 2014

For the photo fanatics, adventure is an essential part of their techniques. Generally, the eminent professional photographers of the world do not rely upon the angels, camera devices or on the advanced approaches rather their sole effort lies on the bold movements that they imbibe for taking a single snap. This page will be an utter pleasure for the aspirational photo capturers who are looking forward for some inspirations . Basically, the page has actually gathered some of the most appealing and jaw dropping photos that will leave any viewer amazed . Once , you will look at them you will feel the labor and the innovative techniques the professional photographers have actually invested to capture the shots. More info: mymodernmet

So look into photographs of 2014 right now.

Fireworks’ misfire by Kimmo Kuloveski

Photo by Zack Seckler.
Tel: 347-628-1575
Email: zs@zackseckler.com
Web: www.zackseckler.com

African wildlife by Zack Seckler

Swirling tornado of fish by Octavio Aburto

Storm in Sydney by Jem Cresswell

Aerial Images of the CO River Delta in Mexio with a high tide flowing up sections. Some hoped the 2014 historic pulse flow moving its way across the dry Colorado River Delta, part of a binational agreement for restoration, would reach the sea. Jury is still out.

Colorado River Kissing the Sea, Peter McBride for Outside Magazine

Sword-billed hummingbird, Jan van der Greef for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

Lions of Serengeti National Park, Michael ‘Nick’ Nich for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

Blue Forest in Belgium by Kilian Schnberger

Odle, Dolomites Mountain Range by Angelo Ferraris

Bay of Lights by David Yu

Salar de Uyuni is miracle. I was so moved of this landscape. I walked away from the car and took this photo with complete silence.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by Takashi Nakagawa
Frozen Waterfall in Argentina by Guillermo Palavecino

Iceland wedding by Gabe McClintock

Mountaineers scaling the Alps by Robert Boesch


Fjarrgljfur canyon in south east Iceland by Valter Joannes

California Sierra Nevada by Peter Essick

Foxes in Russia’s northeastern Chukotka region by Ivan Kislov
Underwater shipwreck portraits in Bali by Benjamin Von Wong
Dazzling Star Trails by Justin Ng
Andrew Suryono for Sony World Photography Awards 2015
Stunning landscapes of Iceland by Andy Lee
nhanced category for Sony World Photography Awards 2014

In this Feb. 2, 2014 photo people visit the caves at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in northern Wisconsin, transformed into a dazzling display of ice sculptures by the arctic siege gripping the Upper Midwest. The caves are usually are accessible only by water, but Lake Superiorís rock-solid ice cover is letting people walk to them for the first time since 2009. (AP Photo/Minneapolis Star Tribune, Brian Peterson) MANDATORY CREDIT; ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS OUT; MAGS OUT; TWIN CITIES TV OUT

Apostle Ice Cave by Brian Peterson

Underwater photo by Kurt Arrigo
Mt. Fuji by Hidenobu Suzuki

Freediving with the Tiger Sharks of the Bahamas.

Freediving with tiger sharks in Bahamas by Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

Arctic Hi-Five by Colin Mackenzie for National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

Blue Ghost Fireflies in Brevard, North Carolina by Spencer Black for National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

Storm in Tornado Alley by Marko Korosec for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Diver in Green Lake, Austria by Marc Henauer for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
Swing in Banos, Ecuador by Sean Hacker Teper for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
Blood moon lunar eclipse by Mike Mezeul IILong exposure of kayakers by Stephen Orlando

Photography & production: Miss Aniela / Model: Carmen Obied / Dress & jewellery: Stylist’s own / Stylist: Minna Attala / Hair & makeup: Grace Gray

Iceland fashion photo shoot by Miss Aniela
Iceland fashion photo shoot by Miss Aniela
8 hours of plane departures by Mike Kelley
Magical nighttime long exposures by Matt Payne


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