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The Chinese language is without a doubt the most fancy and difficult to master and it takes years to achieve the ability of composing and speaking it properly. In this post you will learn about some misconceptions of language. The English significance of the Chinese term is truly humorous as this is certainly not the significance that they planned on. One take a look at the numerous indications will make it clear to you why this post is thought about to be humorous. Click the link and learn more about on your own as you need to read it to think it. So start checking out funny translations right now.

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F*** Vegetables
Image credits:
Don’t Order the Greenstuffs!
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-2_005Image credits: MFinChina
Hand Grenade
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-2_004Image credits:
Slip and Fall Down Carefully!
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-2_003Image credits:
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-2_002Image credits: MFinChina
Beware of Missing Foot
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-1_006Image credits: Chris Radley
The Wild Germ Hates Soup
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-1_007Image credits: David Feng
Potato the Crap
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-1_008Image credits: Andy Stoll


Stupid Beans
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-12_009Image credits: MFinChina
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-1_010Image credits: sousveillance
Wang Had to Burn
funny-chinese-sign-translation-fails-12_011Image credits: mursu909


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